Photos from my gallery Amazing Alberta are now available for purchase as prints or downloads. Click on any photo in the slideshow to visit the gallery. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my images will be donated to charity in support of our friends who are volunteering at the Seed of Hope in South Africa.

5 comments on “Alberta

      • Hey Steve welcome to my Blog, as you have probably noticed i’m a little bit different huh? One thing “My Rant” is the constant barrage we get up here, barrage of Chemtrails. I often wonder how many photographers have unwittingly taken photos to date I found one person from the States. Have you ever noticed them in St Albert?

          • Well I simply invite you to look up often, and ask yourself if its possible that Jet fuel has become more crude along with our jet engine technology, and also watch whenever the sky is clear or partly clear for any more than 1 day, or 2 at the most. They always begin spraying when there are but a few whisky clouds above and very often they will multi layer and criss-cross spray as well. I have been watching this go on and suffering the effects since 2007
            I have several posts on my site relating to them as well as a bunch of Youtube videos you can watch within the posts. I wouldn’t ask anyone to just accept what I say, you are a photographer, you have good eyes If you look and ask yourself what is or isn’t real about this you’ll come up with the truth. One sure fire way to know is when the sky is clear, and you see the planes and then within an hour or so you have overcast skies, without typical clouds moving in from the west, (the prevalent) direction Its pretty much a dead ringer. Another is when you see 2-4 planes spraying and in the midst see one apparently having his engines shut off because you see nothing behind it, thats a dead give away as well.

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