4 comments on “Watermarking

  1. No, a copyright on the image doesn’t chill image sales. I license images and sell prints and I’ve never seen any confusion about the matter. “Watermarking” is often putting a mark over the whole image, not just a signature like you’ve done and I do for my images. A large watermark is harder to remove but more disfiguring. Good luck with sales!

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree about large watermarks being disfiguring. I totally understand why the stock photo sites do that and realize that without it an image such as ours can still be taken and just cropped. However, I would rather have my viewers get the full impact of my images without covering too much of them up or putting the copyright in the middle of the photo somewhere.

    • I use a free program called Gimp. It’s really powerful and with it I was able to put the text I wanted. I saved it as a .png file so that the background would be transparent (you can’t do that with a .jpg). From there you can fairly simply copy and paste it onto your pictures. In my case I didn’t have to manually do that to each picture because the photo hosting site I use (smugmug) has a feature that lets me just upload the .png file and automatically apply it to all of the images that I choose.

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