9 comments on “Athabasca Falls (and why are people so irresponsible?)

      • Well, I think you are right. At some point in the spring, there is a maximum flow out of the melting snow. I can remember being in the Colorado Rockies during that time. The streams were loud.

  1. Great shot! What a waterfall… You live in an amazing place! I’ve been researching the Boreal Forest lately…and Canada sounds like a stunning place. The fact that so much of your wilderness is untouched is pretty moving…America has been all but decimated, largely in the name of nothing other than MORE FARMLAND. I’m happy to know that there are still some large, expansive, and untouched natural wildernesses left in the world.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks Jon. It is pretty amazing, although the winters can get tiresome. It’s definitely something having so much unpopulated area to explore!

  2. Very nice photography, Steve. I will have to return to take a deeper look when I have more time. Totally agree with you on your rant…parenting isn’t what it use to be, unfortunately.

  3. Hey Steve I hear your rant. I live 100 miles east of Jasper and used to bring my kids there often.
    Thinking back i can still feel the trembling ground underfoot and the cautioning dread I guess I can say, knowing that death is in those waters. Several people have died there over the years I don’t know why, I guess it’s like driving while intoxicated.

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